About Us

Adonai VenturesTM  is a small, boutique management consulting firm focused on establishing an operational framework for your existing business or new business idea. Since 2005, we have helped organizations find ways to maximize operational performance and manage change. Though we serve all business types and sizes, our niche is small and medium businessess. Our strength is finding creative ways to help provide valuable, but affordable business solutions for you. From initial review and assessment to full business plans; from bookkeeping to complete financial statements; software implementation, website design, admin services etc. Let us help you tell your story and empower you to realize your dream.


Management Consulting Services

We offer easily customized, affordable short- and long-term solutions that aim to provide superior support to senior management in directional planning activities and decision making. Solutions tailored just for you, and based on industry-related best practices.

Projects are designed to help leadership develop new goals and facilitate the adoption and implementation of new processes. Our primary objective is to empower you to function more effectively within the current economic and legal framework; this allows you to concentrate on fulfilling your goals. Your vision is to succeed; our vision is to help you do so profitably and efficiently.


Integrated Enterprise Solutions


At start-up, most business owners are passionate about fulfilling their vision and may commit more resources to the operations but neglect the back office. Non-profit organizations in particular, lack the resources to commit to large payrolls. Outsourcing to Adonai Ventures at our low and reasonable rates brings a wide range of skills right to your doors; you can expand your staff without busting your budget.

  • Accounting services - proper accounting and record keeping is a sure foundation upon which every business should be built. From initial setup of the Accounting system to the preparation of Financial statements, we offer a quick turnaround of all your bookkeeping and Accounting needs.
  • Website design and development - requires expertise and talent, both of which can be costly and time consuming. Give us the opportunity to create and manage your online presence, keeping you relevant and competitive. 
  • Adonai VenturesTM performs management reviews of existing operational and business systems.
  • Let us develop an organizational standard operating manual to help document and standardize your processes.